Organomin – forte

Trace minerals are very reactive substances. There are many interactions between different minerals. Many of these interactions occur due to inorganic trace minerals dissociating after digestion into free ions. This process reduces the bioavailability of the mineral element to the animal.

Bioavailability can vary between different sources of the same mineral, the salt form in which it is supplied and even the process used in its extraction or production.

ORGANOMIN-Forte is produced by fermentation of yeast with minerals. During the fermentation yeast peptides complex with minerals to form organic mineral proteinates.
The minerals-peptide complex of ORGANOMIN-Forte is absorbed intact to the blood stream by peptide or amino acid uptake pathways rather than the normal metal ion uptake mechanism.

This will increase net retention, minimize excretion, and increase the amounts of minerals that are biologically available for productive purposes.

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    • Improves broiler performance (growth rate and feed conversion)
    • Improves breeder performance, including fertility, hatchability, and egg production.
    • Activates immune stimulation.
    • Optimizes minerals absorption and utilization.
    • Assists performance during heat stress.
    • Enhances synthesis of cells, and development of bones and feathers.
    • Improves claw health and reduce skin scratches.
    • Improves oxidative status.


    • Zinc proteinate
    • Iron proteinate
    • Copper proteinate
    • Selenium proteinate
    • Manganese proteinate
    • Chromium proteinate
    • Iodine