Solid State Fermentation

With expertise over 30 years in Solid state fermentation technology, we are one of the pioneers in feed specific SSF products. Our unique feed specific solutions include Feed Specific starch & non-Starch polysaccharide digesting SSF enzymes, Multistage fermented organic trace minerals, Rumen specific yeast and fungal cultures. Produced using exclusive feed-based substrates, our SSF based products offer high stability and efficacy for feed based application.


Submerged Fermentation

Commissioned in the year 2001, our SmF facility offers cultures of unique and selected strains of Bacillus and Saccharomyces cerevisiae cultures specific for feed application. Isolated, characterized and studied at our inhouse Research & Development centre, these specific strains are grown under unique nutritional and physico-chemical combinations to bestow them with optimal stability profiles and performance capability at the gut level.

Culture Collection Facility

The culture collection facility placed at our research and development centre hosts a collection of fungal and bacterial cultures isolated from various natural sources based on its safety, efficacy and stability for various levels of application in feed and gut. Our proprietary cultures have been deposited at renowned culture collection centres in India (Microbial Type Culture Collection Centre) and abroad (DSMZ, German National Culture Collection Centre) under safe and patent deposit categories. The centre is equipped with complete infrastructure for culturing and maintaining the microbes including media preparation, sterilization chambers, laminar rooms, cold storage, culture incubation rooms and inoculum preparators.


Analytical Facility

Zeus Biotech has always been striving to maintain high quality and safety standards in the products and solutions we offer. This is supported by 10,000 square feet spanning Research and Development centre with state-of-the-art facility for microbial culture storage & maintenance, product development, quality testing of products and process infrastructure. Through this facility and high-end production infrastructure, Zeus Biotech offers products and solutions with safety and quality guaranteed to European standards. Our analytical facility is capable of determining parameters ranging from the simple hydrogen ion concentration & moisture content of products to the most complicated and precise analysis of not only the active moieties including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, organic acids, herbal actives etc., but also holds the capability to precisely analyse proximate parameters, toxic heavy metals, mycotoxins and other analytes of quality and safety concern. This is accomplished by dedicated departments and highly trained and experienced staff for analysis of inorganic, organic, microbial and molecular parameters equipped with high end infrastructure and instrumentation facilities.

New Product Development

Zeus Biotech has been known for bringing novel, innovative and efficient solutions for various livestock sectors for the last 30 years. Our team has been constantly involved in research and development of products and concepts which have stood the test of time; Organomin Forte, Polyzyme, Rumiyeast & Microguard to name a few. Equipped with the latest technical infrastructure and equipments, the R&D centre collaborates with Universities and research centres across the globe for in vitro and in vivo analysis of novel and innovative concepts and ideas.