A non-invasive and natural solution for preventing anemia in piglets and adult pigs

Supplementation of Iron in the right form is the most convenient way of preventing piglet anemia. The other nutrients equally useful are Copper, Folic acid and Vitamin-C. Traditionally, trace minerals like Zinc, Copper and Iron are added to Swine rations in the form of inorganic salts such as oxides, sulphates and carbonates. But they may form complex with antinutritional factors in feed molecules and become difficult to absorb or become totally unavailable to the animal.

Anemistat is balanced combination of organic forms of trace minerals with anti-stress vitamins. Organic minerals in Anemistat is derived using a multistage solid state based fermentation process which produces unique mineral molecules with multiple supportive and stabilizing natural agents which enhances the mineral bioavailability. Complementary vitamin molecules in Anemistat helps in maturation of RBCs, WBCs and also facilitates synthesis of nitrogen bases of DNA/RNA. Anemistat vitamins also helps in alleviating stress, especially the anemic stress and helps the absorption of iron.


  • Improves Iron levels in blood.
  • Reduces occurrence of anemia.
  • Improves Iron transport and formation of blood.

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