A selected combination of organic trace minerals, phytomolecules & prebiotics.

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a severe, highly contagious transboundary animal disease caused by virus in cattle that spreads very quickly if not controlled and causing serious production losses. Prevention and management of the disease includes use of vaccines, movement control and cleaning as well as disinfection of affected farms. There is no known effective treatment strategy for this Picornaviridae family virus infection. Improving and maintaining the functionality of immune system through specific natural molecules can be an effective strategy to minimize the damaging effects of FMD.  

ANTI efmdi is natural combination of herbs, yeast derived active biomolecules and highly bioavailable and potent fermented organic trace minerals. The specific active molecules in the herbal ingredients of ANTI efmdi are targeted to improve and maintain the functionality of organs involved in immune functions including gastrointestinal tract; which is the largest organ of immune system, liver; one of the key organs as well as other related organs including spleen. The herbal ingredients in ANTI efmdi are also powered to function as strong anti-inflammatory agents, which aids in lowering the after effects of viral infections. In addition, the supportive molecules derived from yeast including nucleotides and mannoglucans are established molecules having strong influence on activation of immune functions. ANTI efmdi  is also strengthened by the presence of key organic trace minerals with direct and indirect role in immune and antioxidant functions in its highly bioavailable fermented organic trace mineral forms.


  • Minimizes the after effects of Foot and Mouth disease.
  • Enhances humoral and cell mediated immunity.
  • Reduces disease related stress.

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