A natural performance enhancer for male breeders

BREEDON swine is a unique combination of essential organic minerals and new generation direct fed microbials with selected phytonutrients to increase semen quality, breeding efficiency and fertility in swine.
BREEDON swine is formulated to aid the animal in meeting the demands of the industry to breed on time, to have extended reproductive life, to combat reproductive stress & oxidative damage to the gonads, to stimulate, synchronize & balance the reproductive hormones and to tone up the reproductive system.

The highly bioavailable Organic Trace minerals in Breedon Swine reduces reproductive stress and protect gonads against oxidative damage. They also helps to maintain normal morphology motility and fertilization capacity of spermatozoa and assists in maintaining reproductive hormone levels and balance. Organic trace minerals help to meet the requirement of trace minerals vital for reproductive functions and enhances efficiency of the same.

The selected Breedon herbs stimulates the production of male sex hormone and helps to enhance the libido of the animals, whereas Direct fed microbials maintain the gut integrity and overall health status of the animal.


  • Helps to increase semen count.
  • Improves semen morphology.
  • Facilitates acrosomal reaction for maximizing fertility.
  • Optimizes survivability of newborn piglets.

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