New generation performance enhancer with enhanced protease activity

Efficient utilization of feed requires inclusion of supplements which can improve digestion / absorption of indigestible polysaccharides and other complex molecules as well as maintain optimal gut health. High efficiency feed specific enzymes along with stable and effective probiotic strains is one of the most tested and proven solution for improved feed digestibility, gut health & performance.

BROZYME-XPR is an improvised Brozyme formula with additional protease activity to address protein digestibility issues with low protein digestibility index (PDI) feed ingredients and also to improve digestibility of regular protein sources.

Brozyme XPR advantage

  • Improved protein digestion.
  • Feed specific enzymes break down NSPs in feed ensuring more nutrient bioavailability.
  • Liberates NSP bound nutrients and minerals.
  • Reduces viscosity of the gut caused by NSPs.
  • Better Digestion, Absorption and Bioavailability.

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