Mineral, Vitamin & Phytomolecule Supplement for ruminants

Calcium is certainly the most essential mineral vital for any biological system. With its inevitable presence in skeletal system, nerve impulse transmission, excitation of skeletal and cardiac muscles, blood clotting, as a nutritional component in milk & meat and also through its marked role in various enzyme activities and as a second messenger, calcium plays one of the most decisive and crucial role in the physiological system.

The second most abundant mineral in biological system is phosphorus with more than 80% of the body pool located in the skeletal system. Calcium & Phosphorus deficiency is one of the most widespread mineral deficiencies distressing livestock animals including diary, leading to retarded growth,
hypocalcemia and related milk fever, increased incidence of skeletal diseases including osteoporosis & osteomalacia, reduced productivity etc. Phosphorus along with Calcium must be balanced in the animal diet with adequate concentration of Vitamins having supportive role in mineral metabolism. Vitamin D is the most crucial vitamin for bone formation with impeccable role in stimulation of bone matrix
formation, bone maturation, enhancement of osteoclastic activity, positive involvement in Calcium & phosphorous metabolism etc. Vitamin D3, the hormonally active form of Vitamin D, is a major decider of calcium absorption in biological system through stimulation of calcium influx, translocation of calcium through the interior of the enterocyte etc.

Caldos Z is a balanced and bioavailable combination of Calcium & Phosphorous supported by the crucial Vitamins i.e., Vitamin D3 along with supportive concentrations of Vitamin B12 and mineral absorption enhancing Phytomolecules.


▪ Improves growth and development of skeletal system.
▪ Improves feed conversion and growth rate.
▪ Improves milk production.
▪ Improves fertility & productivity.
▪ Improves quality of milk and meat products.

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