Organic Chromium with Vitamin-C for thermal stress

CHROMISAC-C vit liquid is a combination of organic chromium & Vitamin-C designed to improve metabolic functions and to reduce the effects of thermal stress in poultry and other animals. Organic Chromium in CHROMISAC-Cvit L improves carbohydrate metabolism and is better bioavailable than inorganic chromium and other organic forms of chromium. CHROMISAC-Cvit L also contains Vitamin-C which is very important for animals under stress as it supports and compliments the actions of chromium & also works as an antioxidant, immunomodulator & thermal stress alleviator.

CHROMISAC-Cvit L improves metabolizable energy, dry matter digestibility and organic matter digestibility of the feed. It also improves feed intake, absorption and retention of Copper, Zinc, Iron, Manganese and other Trace Minerals.


  • Prevents stress due to heat and other environmental conditions.
  • Enhances productivity in Broilers, Commercial layers & Breeder hens especially during hot climate.
  • Improves intake & absorption of minerals.
  • Improves immunity and prevents damages due to oxidation.

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