SSF enzymes to improve fiber digestibility in cattle

Nearly 30% of total cellulose goes undigested in manure. Supplementation of exogenous enzymes results in optimum digestion of fiber which liberates more nutrients.

FIBERZYME is produced by a unique Feed Specific Solid State Fermentation technology using feed based ingredients as substrate and is specifically designed for fibre digestion in dairy animals. The powerful feed specific synergistically acting multi-enzymes in Fiberzyme efficiently breaks down multiple indigestible fiber based ingredients in the feed to simpler and more digestible forms thereby helping to balance the rumen environment and microflora.


  • Improves fiber digestion.
  • Improves rumen microflora.
  • Improves dry matter digestibility & milk production.
  • Improves milk fat, SNF and manure / dung score.

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