An immunostimulant & antistress liquid feed supplement for cattle

Immuton is a holistic combination of selected herbs including Camellia sinensis, Emblica officinalis & Withania somnifera to improve disease resistance, immune function & antioxidant status. Camellia sinensis is a rich source of catechins which are polyphenols compounds with powerful immunostimulant properties. They prompt the Gamma-Delta T-cells to secrete interferon, a key part of Non-specific immunity against infections.

The extracts of Phyllanthus emblica, a strong antimicrobial is one of the best natural source of the anti-stress vitamin Ascorbic acid. It also helps in scavenging the free radicals by enhancing the function of the enzyme Superoxide dismutase. The extracts of Withania somnifera is rich in withanolides and other alkaloids with antimicrobial and immunostimulant properties.


  • Stimulates both cellular & humoral immunity.
  • Protects cells of immune system against free radicals.
  • Prevents stress.

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