Phytonutrients based feed supplement for milking animals

The process of milk production involves two steps. Step-1, Secretion of milk from milk alveoli present in udder which are influenced by a hormone ‘Prolactin’ secreted from hypothalamus. Step-2, let down of milk from udder is under the influence of another hormone ‘Oxytocin’ secreted from pituitary gland.

Lactomore is a phyto-nutrients based feed supplement having herbal actives and fermentation based metabolites in an optimum proportion. Phyto-molecules improve levels of both prolactin and oxytocin in the blood whereas fermentation metabolites stimulate rumen bacteria to synergistically enhance performance of dairy cows.


  • Enhances milk production.
  • Improves milk fat and other solids.
  • Sustains peak and lactation yield.

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