Optimizing Laying Performance Naturally

The process of egg laying is called oviposition. The hen lays daily for a period of 5-7 days which is called one clutch. It does not lay for 1-2 days between two clutches and this is called one pause. As the hen continues to lay, after 55 weeks of age, the clutch size reduces and the pause size increases. This reduces the percentage production at the farm. Maintaining a constant clutch length is one of the major challenge in layer farms. Further, maintaining clutch length without loosing the quality and number of saleable eggs is still a daunting task. Improving performance through natural strategies is one of the most sustainable and efficient way to address the economic concern related to reduced laying ability.

LAYMORE is a singular blend of solid state fermented trace minerals and chosen phytocompounds for improving laying performance through activating the pituitary-ovarian functions.

Benefits :

  • Increased egg production.
  • Increases laying performance, fertility and hatchability.
  • On time, sustained and optimum lay.

Important Note:

  • LAYMORE does not treat subclinical infections, hence it should be addressed before the use of LAYMORE.
  • LAYMORE optimizes egg production, but not beyond the genetic potential of the birds.
  • Continuous use of LAYMORE allows the birds for sustained egg production.

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