A complete solution for mycotoxins

Mycotoxin contamination is widespread and inevitable. Intensive Poultry, Dairy & other species of animal production has increased the demand for import of feed ingredients. Thus, mycotoxins are transferred from country to country and are wide spread in raw materials throughout the world. There are about 400 different known mycotoxins identified in nature that are toxic to both humans and animals. Aflatoxins (AFL), Fumonisins (FUM), Ochratoxin A (OTA), Deoxynivalenol (DON), T-2/HT-2 and Zearalenone (ZEN) are some of the most potent and important mycotoxins which can present a serious threat to animal health and productivity.

Niltox is a collective of selected anti-toxin agents to defend against mycotoxins at various levels in feed through incorporation of selected natural agents which acts by a unique three way detoxification strategy including protection against toxin induced tissue damage, detoxification of toxins and selective binding and removal of toxins.

Even though in vitro trials to evaluate the efficacy of anti-toxin agents may show 100% activity, a fool proof effectiveness cannot be demonstrated by a single molecule under the real physiological conditions. Niltox formula is purely based on the fact that, biological system by its nature utilizes multiple attack and defence strategies to target possible incoming foreign threat. Based on this natural phenomenon, Niltox uses a composition containing the binding agent, a natural tissue protecting agent and an effective biological stimulant, a composition which can attack, defend and energize the biological system to make toxin ineffective.


  • Reduces the biological load of toxins.
  • Stimulates biological detoxification system.
  • Reduces toxin induced cell damage.

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