A balanced & synergistically acting Organic acid-Phytomolecule formula

Novacid is a combination of nature derived Organic acids and its salts with selected Phytomolecules to address microbial contamination & disease related issues faced in feed as well as feeding segments of the poultry market.

Novacid offers a custom blend of high and low molecular weight organic acids, having low and high pKa to act against most known feed contaminants. Inclusion of specific antifungal and antimicrobial agents reduces the feed pH, inhibits bacterial & fungal growth and mycotoxin contamination in feed. Novacid, thus functions as a preservative, buffering capacity reducing agent and an antimicrobial agent, thereby improving feed shelf life, digestibility and also reduces feed contamination.

Novacid contains powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant molecules from selected spices. Beyond the supportive role played by the active spice ingredients in enhancing the actions of organic acids, the spices in Novacid also acts singularly in decreasing pathogenic load, reducing oxidative stress, improving immune function, enhancing gastric secretions, promoting microvilli growth, intestinal health and overall bird performance.

Benefits :

  •     Destroys pathogenic microbes.
  •     Regulates the gut pH & prevents pathogenic proliferation.
  •     Improves the digestibility of feed.
  •     Enhances activity of digestive enzymes.

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