Fermented organic trace minerals for Piggery

Trace minerals are very reactive and are subjected to multiple interactions including mineral to mineral and mineral complex with other feed substances which can drastically reduce its mineral bioavailability. Bioavailability is also influenced by the mineral source, the form; organic or inorganic, interaction with other minerals, the process of extraction or production, purity of the mineral, presence of supporting and stabilizing molecules etc. However, guidelines available from regulatory organisations including EFSA is mainly applicable for inorganic forms with recommendations for organic trace mineral forms still in its draft stage.

Organomin S is a multistage fermentation derived organic mineral complex coming under the class of
mineral proteinates. Derived using our decades old research and experience in solid state fermentation and animal nutrition, the multistage fermentation mediated process used in Organomin S production is initiated with the release of proteins from natural protein sources including Soya and Inactive dried yeast, which is subsequently proteolyzed to smaller ones. The proteolysis stage is followed by mineral addition & the final mineral-protein complexation stage. The unique process thus creates a matrix of mineral proteinate, rich in fermentation derived micronutrients including vitamins, antioxidants, organic acids etc, making it one of the most unique organic trace mineral matrix.


  • Better absorption, utilization and retention of minerals.
  • Activates immune system and improves disease resistance.
  • Supports and helps development of skeletal system.
  • Improves animal performance and meat quality.

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