Feed supplement from proven and selected botanical extracts and organic acids for poultry

PHYTOPLEX is a phytomolecule-organic acid combination that improves gut microflora population, gut ecosystem & reduces pathogen load in the birds to achieve better nutrition and health.The extracts derived from herbs have bacteriostatic/bactericidal, fungicidal & antioxidative properties. These herbs also help in stimulation of appetite and digestion.

PHYTOPLEX also contains selected organic acids which act as antibacterial and anti fungal agents. The antibacterial and antiviral Phytomolecules combined with organic acids in Phytoplex ensures quality & safe feed to the birds.


  • Improves gut microbial environment & checks proliferation of gut pathogens.
  • Improves immunity & enhances survivability.
  • Stimulates liver functions, feed digestion and nutrient utilization.

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