A feed specific synergistically acting SSF based multi-enzyme complex

Any feed stuff has undigestible ingredients which may range from 20% and above. The principal undigestible substance in feed is Non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs). A variety of NSPs are commonly found in every ingredient. To digest feed optimally Feed Specific, Multiple Enzymes that act synergistically are required.

Powerful feed specific synergistically acting multi-enzymes in POLYZYME efficiently breaks down all the ingredients including non starch polysaccharides in the feed to simpler and more digestible forms.  By this process, POLYZYME achieves the following targets:-

  • Minimizes excretion and wastage of valuable and critical amino acids and trace minerals.
  • Reduces gut viscosity, and permits optimal gut motility and peristalsis.
  • This in turn contributes to greater nutrient absorption, better intestinal villus function and health.
  • Liberates NSP bound critical nutrients and trace minerals, thereby reducing nutrient loss in feed.


• POLYZYME SSF maximizes feed digestibility by turning feed stuff into digestible and absorbable form.
• POLYZYME SSF helps to generate energy from fiber.
• POLYZYME SSF makes more nutrients including amino acids and trace minerals available to the bird.

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