A double strain yeast culture to enhance rumen fermentation

Rumiyeast is an exclusive rumen specific double strain yeast culture supplemented to stimulate growth and multiplication of ruminal microbiota.  Rumiyeast is recommended to be included in the daily feed as a natural supplement for ruminants including dairy cows, buffaloes, sheeps & goats. A unique product with an inimitable combination of beneficial microbes and fermentation metabolites, Rumiyeast offers a matrix containing fermentation metabolites and enzymes produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and Aspergillus oryzae through a unique Solid state Fermentation based technology.

RUMIYEAST is also a rich nutrient source for rumen microorganisms such as fibre-digesting cellulolytic bacteria. By helping to nurture the microbial population within the rumen, RUMIYEAST helps optimize feed digestibility and make more nutrients available to the cattle for production and reproduction.


  • Increases lactic acid utilizing bacteria, stabilizes rumen pH.
  • Reduces incidence of ruminal acidosis.
  • Improves manure score.
  • Scavenges oxygen molecules in rumen to create anaerobic condition.

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