Xylans are one of  the most abundant polysaccharides and a major content of the cell wall of grains. Xylans are a large class of compounds which vary in structure.  Due to the heterogeneity and complex chemical nature of Xylans, its complete break down requires a complex of several hydrolytical enzymes with diverse specificity and mode of actions. Arabinoxylans are the main NSPs (Non Starch Polysaccharides) in wheat that increase viscosity of digestive content in the small intestine and interfere with digestion and absorption of nutrients when fed to chickens.  As a result, feed conversion efficiency and growth are hampered and the incidence of pasty vents is increased. Xylanase supplementation can break down xylan, reduce the integrity of plant cell wall and thus release nutrients that were previously inaccessible & thereby improves digestive function and to promote animal performance.

XYLAZYME is predominantly contains Xylanase enzyme produced by Solid State Fermentation (SSF) Technology and has the right mix and concentration of additional enzymes required to break down / digest all the heterogeneous members of Xylan family as well as the other structural NSPs present in the feed stuff. XYLAZYME also allows replacement of expensive raw materials with seasonal and inexpensive ingredients.


  • Improves performance of corn-soya diets by reducing anti-nutritional factors.
  • Improves available energy and digestible protein especially in young chicks where endogenous enzyme production is not optimum.
  • Inclusion in diets reduces gut viscosity & litter moisture.

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