An efficient tool to control toxins

Mycotoxins are highly toxic secondary metabolites produced by certain fungal species. The uncontrolled growth of these specific species of fungus on food, feed and other related materials can lead to production of mycotoxins which later enter into the food chain posing serious threat to animal health, animal productivity, consumer safety and food processing activities even at parts per billion levels. Toxic levels of mycotoxins leads to ill health, fertility problems, abortion and mortality. Various mycotoxins are deemed to be potential carcinogens. Mycotoxins in lower levels are also detrimental to normal growth and productivity in all species of animals. They can also impair immune systems and compromise kidney / liver functions. Pig, Poultry and Ruminants are particularly sensitive to certain mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are quite stable chemical compounds and may survive various feed processing activities including pelleting and conditioning. Mycotoxins can enter the food chain through meat, egg, milk and other dairy products if animals have eaten contaminated feed. Hence, eradication of mycotoxins in animal feed is very important for safe and profitable animal production.

ZENOTOX is a cost effective formula with a combination of microbe derived inorganic and organic based ingredients designed to bind various mycotoxins in animal feed.

Benefits :

  • ZENOTOX is an effective and economic toxin binder.
  • ZENOTOX reduces toxicity and improves general immunity.
  • ZENOTOX does not bind nutrients.

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